The Antica Manifattura Cappelli participates in numerous events and initiatives, including "The Art of the Hat from the '20s to Today", an exhibition promoted by the Aimpes Servizi organisation and held during the 85th Edition of Mipel (the International Leather Goods Trade Fair in Milan). This exhibition, created and designed by Patrizia Fabri, was divided into two segments: in the first segment, machinery, tools and wooden blocks were displayed; and in the second segment, the spotlight was cast on the hat itself, providing a snapshot of how hats have embodied female customs and habits during every historical period.
Another important event that the Antica Manifattura Cappelli has been involved with over the past seven years is the Ippodromo delle Cappannelle on the famous Derby day. Patrizia Fabri's input through her designs enriches this high-profile event immeasurably. Still on the topic of equestrian events, June 2010 saw the Antica Manifattura Cappelli appear at the Polo all'Acquacetosa day.
Another exclusive event attended by Patrizia was the Camellia Exhibition, set against the charming backdrop of Lake Maggiore. The camellia, the symbol of Mademoiselle Coco Chanel, represents mischievous and feminine essence, the leitmotif that characterises the style of the Antica Manifattura Cappelli.
A perfect partnership has been achieved between the Region of Piedmont, a promoter of the identity of Italian hats thanks to companies such as Borsalino, and the longstanding Antica Manifattura Cappelli, which contributes to reintroducing the role of the hat around the world. Moreover, a unique union was forged between the Antica Manifattura Cappelli and the Mondelliani designer glasses concept store for an exhibition in which the particularity of the hats was complemented by the singular shapes of the frames. 

A more recent event saw the Antica Manifattura Cappelli establish a synergy with the shoe brand MBT for a photo exhibition where the Antica Manifattura Cappelli boutique acted as a beautiful set for a series of surprising and original shots.
A commitment that enthuses Patrizia Fabri is teaching at the Accademia d'Alta Moda e Costume Koefi where she has run a Hat Course for five years as a way to pass this fascinating art on to younger generations. 
Among future projects for the Antica Manifattura Cappelli is the plan to hold guided workshop tours in order to keep the culture and history of hats alive. Also planned is the introduction of a course for children.


The Mipel Exhibition, a beautiful exhibition photo

The Mipel Exhibition, the hat takes centre stage along with some old tools

Polo June 2010 – Women with hats

The Antica Manifattura Cappelli Stand at Capannelle

An elegant lady at the Antica Manifattura Cappelli Stand

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