AnnNext to the workshop is the boutique, where Patrizia Fabri educates customers in the refined use of the hat, with models for every day and all seasons of the year. The wishes of the most demanding bridegrooms are granted here thanks to unique and special creations. The boutique also provides exclusive pieces for special occasions.

Cloches, Berets, Fur hats, ‘30s style Bonnets, Bowlers and Stetsons are only part of the collections designed for women who are searching for metropolitan allure; for the most debonair men and for children who want to have fun dressing up.
In addition to unique pieces and the collection, hats from the most famous international and Italian brands can also be bought from Patrizia Fabri, who provides a choice of good taste and class, including: Stetson, Lock, Autruche, Katarina M., Panizza, Muhlbauer, Pema and Valeur.

The boutique is also featured in the Tax Free Shopping guide as well as in the Roma Straordinaria magazine, famous for identifying extraordinary urban hotspots and characters.

The inside of the shop in Rome

Cloches and vintage hats with Romagnoli hat box

Silk flower features

Top hat and vintage hat box

Old chest of drawers with feathers

Vintage flower features from Paris.

Antica Manifattura Cappelli S.a.s. di Patrizia Fabri  • 00192 Roma - Via degli Scipioni, 46
Tel. e Fax +39 06 39725679